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TBK Co., ltd is a company specialized in providing all kinds of lifting equipment freight in factories and warehouses . Over the years , the company has built up a wide network across the country : HCMC , Binh Duong, Dong Nai , Da Nang , Hanoi . Our motto " Competitive prices , superior quality , lifetime maintenance , delivery "

Of TBK -lifting equipment widely used in many fields such as manufacturing , logistics , packaging , factory . Our equipment is used in many industries such as food , beverages , textiles, paper , pharmaceuticals , automobiles , motorcycles ...


1.Low electric forklift
Low electric forklifts are widely used in many different fields to move the commodity or group of products from one place to another for the purpose of delivery service and shipping .
2.Xe high electric forklift
High electric forklifts , otherwise known as forklifts , elevators , lifting equipment , lifting equipment pallets , designed to operate in the lifting , moving goods and ensure the operation of lifting , moving map animals are safe .
3. Electric forklift driver standing
Electric forklift driver stand , also known as stand forklifts , forklift , pallet forklift , platform size stand , designed to enhance the operation of moving goods and materials or objects safely .4. Electric Vehicles towing
Vehicles towing power of our factory is the right solution for the service of towing in many places such as airports, railway stations, factories, warehouses, logistics centers, ... .We are designed to have able to take the place of the trolley as well as the customer's tank.
5.Thang scissor lift
Scissor lifts of the company, also known with the name as mobile lifting frames, primarily used to operate in hard to reach locations or on high positions, serving as decorative works , maintenance, construction, transportation of goods, ...
6.Khung lifts
Frame lift is the perfect solution for lifting loads up the elevator.
7.Manual Lifting Equipment
Manual lifting equipment of companies including facilities such as forklifts low hand , high hand forklifts , hydraulic lift tables manually , scissor lift tables by hand .
8.Xe customized on demand
Our company provides special solutions to meet the different requirements of customers. Our custom vehicles mainly include transportation vehicles repair tools electric, electric tractors, electric forklift forklift rotation, as ultra-wide electric forklifts, electric forklifts with lifting height of the super low high, semi-automatic roll lifter, ... Detailed functional characteristics as well as the machines are manufactured according to customer needs.

Distribution Network

  Ho Chi Minh City:

Add: 383/4 1A Route,  Thanh Loc Ward, Dist 12

Tel: 0837163929 - Fax: 0837160153

Bình Dương:

Add: 56A - Route 1K, Noi Hoa 2 neighborhood, Di An Dist

Tel: 098 624 85 20 - Fax: 06503772 420

Đồng Nai

Add: No 17, Route 51, Long Khanh 3, Tam Phuoc Ward, Bien Hoa Dist

Tel: 098 624 85 20 - Fax: 0613510820

Văn Phòng Đà Nẵng:

ĐC: 35 Bau Trang Street, Thanh Khue Tay Ward, Thanh Khue Dist, DN

Tel:0982 927 589 - Fax: 0511 3759599

Hà Nội:

Add: No 12, O Canh Street, Duc Giang Ward, Long Bien Dist

ĐT: 096 561 37 20  - Fax :043.655.6152

We bring to customers around the world an excellent service before, during and after the sale.
1. Services 24 hour reply guarantee gives customers the products with optimal cost effectiveness .
2. We can respond to the different requirements of customers within 24 hours , thus saving time and effort for customers.
3. Delivery time is practically always the agreed date .
4. custom car is always available to satisfy the different requirements of customers .
5. OEM and ODM service is always available .
6. Except for the easily damaged parts , warranty for the products of our automated phone is 12 months or 1000 hours whichever comes first.

Advanced technology

As a professional manufacturer of transportation equipment, we can provide all kinds of machinery and equipment with technological advantages as follows:

1. Design formidable: design style European style, the battery is designed to facilitate operators to maintenance, maintenance and replacement. Pillars and detachable pallets and replaced. Design multitasking display: battery, error code and timer. Equipment reverse in a state of emergency in the controller increases the level of safety when operating. The device is equipped with a safety pressure relief valve to protect in case of overload, increase the reliability of the device. Brakes, apply the lever vertically and horizontally, to increase the safety of vehicles. At the same time, the car also arranged interrupt the power switch when emergency incidents.

2.Quality high: The main components of the product are imported from manufacturers in the world, such as lifting cylinder imported from Germany Mannstaedt forklift profile, steering control FREI imported from Germany, imported hydraulic pump Italian HYDR-AP, central controller CURTIS or Zapi, ... Other parts of vehicles such as battery pull, transmission chain, rudder are manufactured from the leading Chinese companies.

3. Cost Competitive: The company factories in China-the world's factory, we can offer our customers the best products with the cheapest price.

4.Dich better service: the service department of the company has the ability to respond every email or request within 24 hours.
Before the constant warning about environmental awareness worldwide, low carbon products is the new trend of the global economy. Thus, in industries of lifting equipment, lifting equipment Electric has replaced all kinds of lifting equipment traditionally used in the burning material. To better grasp the new economic trends, Zowell were involved in the green and harmonious development, focusing on the research equipment using electricity, which will bring confidence TBK progress and The best advantage of our products.


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