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Global supply chain - materials and components
To ensure that the products are of high quality, the main components of our products are imported from major manufacturers around the world, such as lifting cylinder imported from Germany Mannstaedt forklift profile, imported steering control Germany FREI, hydraulic pump imported from Italian HYDR-AP, central controller CURTIS or Zapi, ... Other parts of vehicles such as battery pull, transmission chain, rudder are manufactured from leading Chinese companies Korea. These components must pass the quality standards of Zowell.

Quality management
Technical support
Our team of research and development R & D of our company including more than 15 engineers experienced, and with the support of advanced equipment, the engineers and technicians with rich experience, we controlled strict quality of each production process.

In TBK CO., LTD, we have: the system of strict quality control the entire process of production, import of components conditions in order to ensure product quality is always high, and the advanced equipment, tools for inspection and quality control. The final stage before shipment, each product will be checked and tested carefully. And all feedback about the quality as well as product improvement suggestions will be studied seriously and then immediately put into practice.
Comprehensive monitoring system to be implemented during design and construction. In this way, we not only control the cost of the product, but also to ensure that the products eligible for CE certification and ISO9001: 2008.
Number of quality control staff of 20-29 people we have. And most of the machinery of us received both CE and ISO 9001: 2008.

Details of the production process and test:
1.He control stringent quality throughout the production process.
2. Enter the main gate parts to ensure better quality products.
3.Thiet with advanced tools for inspection and quality control.
4. Check the product strictly before shipment.
5.Tat both quality feedback and suggestions to improve the product will be seriously studied and put into practice quickly.

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